One of the great lies that all traders tell themselves, is that we need to make in order to consider ourselves successful. That there’s a dollar value on “success.” 

That is absolutely false.

The goal isn’t to double your account or trade for a living. The goal is to be profitable. How better to generate those profits than steady, regular wins?

That’s one reason why we at WealthPress have put together a new trading society called On the Clock, where we deliver new, high-potential stock trades directly to your inbox every month. Members will get all the details you need to ID the trade, the right price to enter, the precise parameters (stop-loss and profit targets), and even exactly when to take profit. 

Best of all, these specific trades have been known to deliver returns of 88%, 99%, and even 320% in less than 2 weeks!

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Remember, most people in the market are losing most of their money. Some are even losing all of it. That’s why going after small gains, the way I always have, can be so powerful. Take a few minutes to learn exactly how I and other successful traders use small gains to win BIG

Also, are you a rule follower? I know it’s difficult sometimes, but in my years, I’ve learned that following specific rules can become great parameters for you and your trading. In fact, I’ve followed these 4 simple rules in my trading career, and they’ve helped feed my success.

Learn these 4 rules to help your trading career…