I’ve been reading a book lately called “Goals” by Brian Tracy.

This might sound new agey, but it got me in the habit of visualizing what I want in my life.

So what I’ve been doing recently, and I haven’t done this in a long time, is put together a document called “Stuff For Me”. 

I write down lists of items I want to get, and if I do well as a trader, I reward myself by getting them.

The most recent thing I got from my list, which I’m super excited for, are Airpods. I’ve wanted them for a while, but without the list, I probably wouldn’t have pulled the trigger on the purchase.

It’s really fundamental to have a list like this to encourage you to continue trading while enjoying the fruits of your labor — in moderation. 

Your list can have small stuff like mine, or you could set your sights on a new house you’d love to live in one day or your dream car.

It doesn’t matter, this is YOUR list.
Start your list today, it might just inspire you to trade even better.

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